Financing Options

At REC Solar, we believe that solar energy should be affordable for business and government. That’s why we offer payment plan options to fit your needs.

REC Solar takes care of you every step of the way—from designing the right size system to offering the right financing option to meet your needs. And because we’re proven with more systems installed throughout the U.S. and maintain substantial warranty reserves, you can count on us.

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Cash Purchase Benefits

The Federal tax credit alone covers 30% of the system cost. Combined with additional state and utility rebates, your net solar system cost can be as much as 50% off the retail price. Because rebates, incentives and bonus depreciation are expected to decrease over time, now is right time to buy with REC Solar.

Investing in a solar electric system for your home or business typically achieves a return of between 8 and 12%—or more. In today's investment climate, that makes solar a very attractive use of funds that might otherwise be sitting in a savings account. Electricity rates have increased an average of 6% every year in the last five years. When you chose REC Solar, you lock in low electricity prices. As utility rates rise, your investment becomes even more valuable.

Benefits of PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

REC Solar gives you options when it comes to financing your solar electric system, through our relationships with top-grade financial institutions and partners. We work with you through every step of the way to find a solar loan or PPA that’s right for your business.

Here's a look at some of the benefits of a PPA:

  • Access best practice information
  • Establish sound documentation for project financing and system design
  • Maximize return on investment for investors and shareholders
  • Save internal team time
  • Make the best choices

Solar electric leases and PPAs make it possible for you to switch to clean, solar power for $0 or little down and a low monthly payment. Your fixed monthly rate is typically lower than what you currently pay for electricity, so you start saving right away. Plus, you receive free maintenance, insurance coverage, a power generation guarantee and other benefits from the provider.

A $0 down solar lease or PPA may be a better investment for your organization than a cash purchase. By eliminating the upfront payment, you’ll save money every month on electricity bills, and will be cash-flow positive from day one.

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