Agriculture and Cold Storage

Leading Farmers and Food Processors Choose REC Solar

Farmers and food processors face the challenges of reducing operating costs, supporting market-specific sustainability programs in the U.S. and abroad, and differentiating themselves in the marketplace. REC Solar helps impact all these challenges by providing clean, renewable energy through a turnkey solar electric system that lowers costs and improves the brand in the eyes of retailers and end consumers.

REC Solar is an agricultural and cold storage solar expert. We have earned the respect of large and small farmers and food processors through our deep understanding of agriculture land permitting and energy rate structures. While agricultural energy rates are relatively low, energy costs can still be high due to hidden costs in price rate schedules depending on energy usage patterns. If not properly understood, managed and modeled when evaluating a solar system, ROI estimates can be inaccurate. REC Solar’s deep experience with the many applicable tariff schedules, available incentives, agriculture’s varying energy usage patterns, and energy modeling provides farmers and food processors with the most accurate ROI estimates for their system and greater confidence in their sustainable investment.

We help every step of the way. REC Solar first works with your team to optimize your site, choose the right technology and evaluate alternative bank financing options. We guide you through securing federal and state financial incentives to reduce your system costs. We identify project obstacles early on, manage each step of the design and construction process, and finally help you promote the switch to a clean renewable energy source with public outreach.

REC Solar addresses all available options available to farmers and food processors. Whether you are interested in just offsetting operating costs with your own turnkey system, selling all the power generated back to the utility or leasing land to a solar power developer – we provide the expert guidance to help you incorporate solar into your operations.

Some key reasons our agriculture customers chose solar and REC Solar:

  • REC Solar is proven with over a decade of experience in solar installations nationwide
  • Expert advice in evaluating financing and incentives options
  • Can be financed with minimal or no upfront investment in many cases
  • Full-maintenance and monitoring services
  • Lower operating costs
  • Is available nearly everywhere
  • Is modular – sizes vary to fit individual parcels or rooftops
  • Is noise free
  • Has no moving parts for low maintenance
  • Has a 30-year lifespan or more
  • Emits no pollution for 100% clean electricity
  • Impacts consumer buying decisions
  • Is installed quickly
  • Positive influence on company brand when combined with attention-grabbing public relations campaigns
  • Adds to sustainable practices
  • REC Solar makes it easy!

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