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With more than 15 years of experience, REC Solar knows commercial solar incentives and rebates, and can save you up to 50% of the initial system cost.

Our dedicated team of finance experts stays on top of ever-changing tax and incentive rules and regulations, and makes sure you maximize financial advantage of your solar investment. In addition, we handle all the paperwork.

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Federal Incentives

Federal credits and state rebates can save up to 50% on the total solar electric system.With today’s federal tax incentives, there’s no better time to go solar. The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to take an income tax credit equal to 30% of the total cost of your solar system. REC Solar’s finance experts are happy to provide additional details regarding the ITC and other federal tax benefits – including bonus depreciation – and help you develop a solar solution which provides maximum financial advantage. Moreover, when you purchase a system with REC Solar, we’ll make sure you and your tax preparer have the necessary information and documentation to claim all applicable federal tax benefits.

State Incentives

Dozens of states and over 200 utilities provide direct financial incentives for new solar systems. After all, you’re adding additional capacity to the utility’s grid and thus reducing the need for new power plants, transmission lines, and other infrastructure.

The nature, timing, and type of incentives provided for new solar systems vary widely. Rest assured, however, that REC Solar takes care of all the paperwork and in some cases guarantees the incentive, so we can design and install your solar electric system right away. State and utility incentives which may be available for your solar system (depending on location) include the following:

• Rebates and grants. Many states, including California, offer direct cash rebates to offset the initial cost of a solar system. Such rebates (sometimes termed ‘up-front incentives’) are generally only provided to smaller solar systems, and are calculated based on system capacity or expected performance.

• Performance-based incentive and feed-in-tariffs. Typically utilized for larger commercial solar systems, performance-based incentives and feed-in-tariffs pay solar system owners for every kilowatt-hour produced on a long-term basis.

• State tax credits and exemptions. In addition to the federal investment tax credit, a number of states offer corresponding state-level income tax credits for residential and/or commercial solar. Moreover, solar is exempted from sales and property taxes in many locales.

• Green attributes. Instead of offering a fixed up-front or performance-based incentive, many states are now simply allowing solar owners to sell the green attributes (often known as ‘Renewable Energy Credits’ or RECs) of their electricity on the open market. These markets are becoming an especially-prominent driver of commercial and residential solar in states including New Jersey and Massachusetts.

• Net Metering. Nearly every state in the nation offers net metering, which allows solar system owners to ‘roll back their meter’ and receive a full-retail bill credit for every kilowatt-hour produced by their solar system and in virtually all cases, allows these credits to rollover month-to-month. At the end of the year, your billing is reconciled and you either pay what you owe or the utility pays you. Net metering is typically provided in addition to direct financial incentives.

The availability of incentives is often limited, and the amounts provided are almost always reduced over time — so act now by contacting REC Solar today.

For example, up-front incentives for small commercial projects in California have declined from $2.50 per installed watt in 2007 to $.25 or less today, and will be going away entirely soon. Even though the cost of solar is falling dramatically, now might be just the right time to maximize financial opportunity with the waning availability of incentives, rebates, and tax credits. Rest assured that REC Solar can help you understand exactly which incentives are available in your area, and in most cases handles all of the paperwork.

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