10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Commercial Solar Provider

Do you get tongue-tied at the doctor’s office or frazzled when mingling in a sea of strangers at a cocktail party? Wouldn’t life be easier if someone would just hand us the questions we should ask in any given situation and leave us to relax and be able to listen candidly to responses. Well, REC Solar is here to make your life a little easier…at least when it comes to shopping for solar.

Here are ten questions that we think you should ask us as well as any of our competitors. These questions will help you cut through the sales pitch and decide whom to select as your commercial solar provider.

1. How long have you been in business and how can I be sure you will be there for the lifetime of my system?
When you invest in a solar system with a 30-year lifespan, you want to make sure the company you choose to work with will be around for the life of your system to help administer maintenance and warranties.

2. What happens if my business moves?
If a move is in your near future, solar might not be for you. Your solar provider can provide a payback calendar to ensure that solar makes sense for you in the time you are in your building. Your Solar provider might be able to provide financing options that can accommodate future moves.

3. What happens if my solar installation doesn’t perform as well as expected?
Pick a contractor that can offer a production guarantee and a service plan to keep your system optimized in addition to a well-built system. The production guarantee commits your system and supplier to a certain level of production. If the system does not achieve those goals, you can be credited back the value of the lost production.

4. What maintenance and expenses do I need to plan for in the lifetime of the system?
Just like a car or a house, expenses do come up in the lifetime of a solar system. It is best if a solar provider can help you prepare for the expenses you should expect down the road, such as planned replacement of some parts. These planned expenses may be automatically worked into your system price or they could automatically be included if you finance through a PPA.

5. Why have you selected these solar modules and racking for me?
Every solar system is a snowflake. Or at least that is how we view our customer’s solar needs at REC Solar. Ask questions about your proposed design and materials to make sure that the equipment selected for your system is customized to meet your particular needs.

6. How long does it take to get everything built, start to finish?
Create a mutually agreed to timeline to keep everyone on track and set expectations for when your system will be up and running.

7. What other companies like me have you done business with?
Get referrals. Hear what it was like to build a system with this solar provider.

8. What tax incentives or other cost saving strategies should I be aware of?
Want to know if a solar provider has your back? If they are looking out for your best interest, they will check on various tax incentives, utility-specific savings plans, etc. that you might be eligible for.

9. When will the system start saving me money?
A cash flow analysis should show the annual system savings and the time the system payback period.

10. Why should I work with you compared to another provider?
This simple question will help you understand what differentiates each solar provider, giving you insight into what they think is important in a project.

We hope these sample questions help you in your quest for a commercial solar provider. Should you have any questions for REC Solar, give us a call at 844.732.7652 or email us at info@recsolar.com.

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