Business Owners: Are You Ready to Enter the Energy Business?

August 26th, 2016 |
According to data from the Rocky Mountain Institute, the largest non-fixed operating expenses for businesses are utility costs. Other operating expenses include labor, rent or marketing. When a business is looking for ways to improve cash flow and reduce overall operating costs without cutting back on staff, reducing advertising spend or trying to find cheaper rent, energy is “the final frontier” of where brands can conserve. A comprehensive energy reduction plan will include many different types of strategies, such as improving technologies, equipment and processes, as well as investments in onsite or offsite power generation.

At REC, we believe that by investing in solar power generation, a business is entering the energy business. No matter what the business does, they are now producing power to offset their energy usage and run the rest of the business more effectively. This “entering the energy business” mindset has big implications for commercial solar customers.

Entering the energy business requires an energy partner that puts your business first.

Solar is a long-term investment that generates significant ROI over the 25+ year life of the system. Who do you want to trust your investment with? Local electricians that have installed half a dozen systems? A company driven by shiny objects and Wall Street’s short-term expectations? Or a company with a long reputation in solar leadership, that is backed by one of the largest energy companies in the United States? In my newly announced role as CEO at REC, I am taking my 12+ years of experience working for Duke Energy, and applying it directly to how we build energy solutions for our customers. Our goal is to make the business of solar as easy as possible for our customers through things like flexible financing options, great customer service, quality workmanship and an integrated approach that ensures solar is part of your overall business and energy strategy.

Pick a partner that gives you more options, not fewer.

In the residential market, the solar industry leaders captured market share by standardizing solutions and reducing costs. Commercial solar customers tend to demand more flexibility in what their solution looks like. Factors like business type, business goals, size, location, higher system costs and their broader energy strategies all come into play. Generating your own onsite energy with solar demands a system made of best-in-class solutions, not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to solar. Rather than trying to vertically-integrate all the technologies and services that are needed to meet commercial customer needs, at REC we have focused on creating a platform based business model. That means we bring the solar and energy expertise of REC and Duke Energy, along with best-in-class partnerships that gives commercial customers more options, not fewer. Examples of solution-based partnerships include Green Charge Networks (a battery storage leader) and Phoenix Energy Technologies (a data management leader). We are also giving more options to small and mid-sized businesses who might want to work with a regional solar company, by expanding our channel partner program. Through this program we provide financing, credit review services and other project development services to or authorized partners in regions across the United States.

We are a partner that truly understands the business of energy generation and I am excited about the opportunity to help more commercial customers take advantage of their solar investments.


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