Celebrate Earth Day with a Renewable Energy Comic Book from REC Solar

Happy Earth Day from REC Solar! We have created a fun comic book called “The MegaWatts” that illustrates the real-life environmental superpowers of renewable energy. This illustrated resource provides information for both kids AND adults on how renewable energy and energy storage can be used together to protect our planet.

rec solar earth day comic book the megawatts Renewable energy refers to energy sources that will never run out because they are constantly replenished by our natural environment (unlike fossil fuels, which are expensive and environmentally-destructive to obtain). There are many types of renewable energy resources, including solar energy, wind power, bioenergy, hydrogen fuel, geothermal energy, and hydropower.

Fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming by trapping heat within our atmosphere, and can also cause dangerous levels of air and water pollution that has a negative impact on public health. By contrast, most renewable resources emit little to no greenhouse gases throughout the entire life-cycle, which allows them to produce usable energy without contributing to global warming.

Learn more about the positive impact of renewables and energy storage on the environment (and on the economy) in our renewable energy comic book, available for free download now.

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