Hawaii is on Track to Cut Emissions to Below 1990 Levels

Mau hoohiwahiwa! Hawaii is on track to cut emissions to below 1990 levels.
solar installation at Waianae Solar in Hawaii

(27.6 MW of solar at the Waianae Solar project on Oahu provides low-cost renewable energy to HECO, the local utility.)

In 2007, when we first began working in Hawaii, the State did something nearly unthinkable. It made a commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to below 1990 levels by 2020. A new study finds that Hawaii is well on track to make (and potentially exceed) that ambitious goal this year.

At REC Solar | Duke Energy Renewables, we’re very pleased to have been, and continue to be, an integral partner in Hawaii’s transition to become fully emissions neutral by 2045.

Over the past 11 years, we’ve delivered more than 75 solar projects across the Hawaiian islands totaling more than 100 MW of generation. Today, we’re more committed than ever to helping Hawaii meet its goals for a clean energy future.

groundbreaking ceremony at KIUC anahola

(Groundbreaking ceremony on the 12 MW solar farm for KIUC in Anahola, HI; the project offsets that offsets 5% of Kauai’s annual needs)

That future involves a lot of different commercial enterprises of all shapes, sizes, and needs. Every project we build and finance — from Oahu’s 647 kW at Dole Plantation, 5 MW at Aloha Solar, and 12 MW generation at Kauai’ Island Utility Cooperative, to the state’s largest active solar installation, Waianae Solar, which generates nearly 28 MW   — dramatically decreases the state’s emissions while displacing the need for hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil annually.

We’ll soon be celebrating yet another step closer to Hawaii’s emissions reduction goal when the West Loch solar farm goes live this year. It’s a great example of where utilities (Hawaiian Electric Company) partner with Federal agencies (US Navy) to deliver not only 20 MW of renewables but also the lowest-cost electricity in the state.

Solar and wind generation combined with energy storage, microgrids, and clean-powered electric vehicle charging deployed faster and maintained for decades are crucial to Hawaii’s goal of cutting emissions, costs, and reliance on imported oil. It’s a race we’re in for the long haul.

Mahalo and congratulations!


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