Rent Your Rooftop to REC Solar in LADWP Territory

Cash right under your nose! Or above it.
If your business is located in cities around the Los Angeles area that fall under the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), you might be sitting beneath an unexpected cash cow….your roof!

LADWP is offering a generous payment per watt of solar energy returned to the grid under a recently announced feed-in tariff. To take advantage of the program and get some cash in your pocket, you can apply for the LADWP feed-in tariff and get solar installed. Or, if you would prefer to skip a few steps, you can rent REC Solar your roof and we will pay you a monthly check to have solar power produced and returned to the grid.

You allow us use of your roof. You get a monthly check. Easy money.

Don’t miss out on cash that is just waiting to be claimed. Leverage your piece of the LADWP feed-in tariff today before the funding disappears. To find out more about how much you can make by renting your rooftop, contact REC Solar.

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