Using Solar Carports as Hail Protection

Several of our large commercial clients across the country have been hit hard in the last year with hail storms, causing significant damage to automobiles. This can impact any company whose employee’s vehicles are parked outside, or businesses like car dealerships that have millions of dollars of inventory sitting on a lot. A recent hailstorm in Colorado left many dealerships with hundreds of cars damaged, closing the dealerships down until they could repair or replace the vehicles. This has a major impact on insurance premiums for these businesses.

So, what does this have to do with solar energy? Solar carports! Dealerships and corporations are installing solar carports to lower energy bills, protect their property and reduce their insurance premiums in these hail-ridden areas.

rec solar commercial carports hail protectionWhile you might question the durability of panels compared to metal vehicles, tier one solar panels from manufacturers like REC Group (not affiliated with REC Solar) and Trina are built to sustain the harshest weather extremes, including hail. In fact, in that area of Colorado that damaged thousands of cars, there is a National Renewable Energy Lab. The NREL Lab has 3,168 solar panels and only one panel sustained damage. That means that 99.97% of the panels were fine! You can read the full article about the storm here.

The same solar carports also offer snow and heat protection for vehicles, rain cover for customers and charging stations for electric vehicles. These are all value-added benefits for any businesses customers or employees.

If you own a large dealership or other business where hail damage is a concern and you have high energy bills, REC Solar can do a free energy analysis to show you whether carports can add value to your business. REC Solar offers a full turnkey solution for solar installations as well as no-upfront cost leasing options.

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