“We Are Still In” the Paris Climate Agreement

The decision to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement will have an impact on jobs, the environment and the economy.

Since the announcement, we’ve seen global companies, state leaders, community members and small business owners remain committed to reducing their impact on the planet. The people and passions that made the Paris Climate Agreement happen in the first place are still here, with companies and consumers raising their hands saying, “We are still in.”

They are proving it by:

  • Setting renewable energy goals for companies and households
  • Choosing vendors or suppliers that have renewable energy goals
  • Finding ways to reduce company or personal consumption of energy and goods
  • Creating company carpooling or ride-to-work programs
  • Donating to causes that push renewable energy promotion, education and innovation
  • Daring to think big and creatively to solve business energy needs through new and innovative means

The truth is, solar for business still makes sense, Paris Agreement or not. It reduces your operating costs, customers value it, and it makes the world a cleaner, healthier place. It’s a win-win-win.

Don’t throw the towel in. The US is made-up of companies and citizens that can still push to achieve the goals set by the Paris Agreement, but it is going to take the efforts of individual consumers and companies to make it happen. We are still in and moving forward to help innovate and make the world a cleaner, better place.

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