Using Solar Carports as Hail Protection

June 19, 2017
Several of our large commercial clients across the country have been hit hard in the last year with hail storms, causing significant damage to automobiles. This can impact any company whose employee’s vehicles are parked outside, or businesses like car dealerships that have millions of dollars of inventory sitting on a lot. A recent hailstorm in Colorado left many dealerships with hundreds of cars damaged, closing the dealerships down until they could repair or replace the vehicles. This has a major impact on insurance premiums for these businesses.
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Solar Carports: Killing Two Birds with One Sun

April 3, 2012
In this time of economic “belt-tightening” many business owners and government facilities managers are trying to find more creative ways to fund improvement projects. The emerging trend in solar carports offers one solution to limited funding through the installation of dual purpose carports. Historically, integrators of solar PV have had to find either a rooftop or open space for an installation. Both of these classical approaches presents its own unique set of challenges for solar.
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