Case Study

Kona Village, a Rosewood Resort

“We are honored to serve as the current stewards of Kona Village, and the reduction of CO2 emissions through solar power is a key aspect of our goal to preserve the natural environment for future generations.” 

Michael Eadie, Managing Director, U.S. Development and Construction at Kennedy Wilson

The Scenario

Built on Hawaii’s Big Island in 1965, Kona Village Resort was widely known internationally as a premier luxury resort for families and adventurous travelers.  

After a tsunami in 2011 shuttered its doors, global real estate investment company Kennedy Wilson embarked on a massive renovation project to restore the property to its original glory — while ensuring the updates remained respectful of the rich Hawaiian culture and land.

With an eye toward sustainability during the renovation, Kona Village set an ambitious goal of being the nation’s first self-sustaining resort by generating and storing renewable energy onsite.  

The Solution

Partnering with Good Current, REC Solar coordinated all of the design engineering, permitting, procurement and construction work for 4 MW total of solar energy, including two rooftop solar arrays (447 kW) four solar carport canopies (1.4 MW) and two ground mount arrays (2.1 MW). REC Solar also designed and installed a robust battery microgrid system that stores approximately 12MWh of energy, providing Kona Village’s operations with the ability to run on renewable energy indefinitely.  

The onsite solar arrays help to ensure maximum solar energy production while offsetting the resort’s energy usage. The battery microgrid helps to alleviate strain on Hawaii’s electric grid by eliminating peak energy demand from the resort.

Together, the system transforms Kona Village into a self-sustaining resort that saves on operating costs, efficiently manages and controls its energy demand, reduces its environmental footprint and helps to preserve the Hawaiian Islands. 



Kahuwai Bay

Project Type

Rooftop, ground mount and carport solar, battery microgrid system

Project Size

4 MW


Onsite solar and battery microgrid system transforms the luxury resort into a self-sustaining property