Case Study

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

The Scenario

Firestone Walker Brewing Company, looking to better empower their rapid growth, lower and secure their energy bills, as well as become more sustainable, sought a proven energy solution they could rely upon for the next 25+ years.

The Solution

By farming the sun, Firestone is able to leverage their property adjacent to the brewery, empowering them to construct a 2.1MW single axis sun tracking solar array on less than 10 acres of land.

Using a REC Solar power purchasing agreement (PPA), Firestone is able to accomplish all of this without any capital outlay.



Paso Robles, California

Project Type

Ground mount and carport solar

Project Size

2.09 MW DC

Annual Production

3,545,900 kWh


Generates the majority of the brewery’s energy, which is enough to brew and bottle 6 million cases of beer annually