Solar for Schools and Universities

Prepare students to succeed in the clean energy economy by providing hands-on, STEM learning opportunities of solar technologies — all while lowering your campus’ energy costs and carbon footprint.

Meet Sustainability Goals

Emissions reductions are the cornerstone of every sustainability plan. We’ll help your campus transition from fossil fuels to clean, zero-emissions solar — making it well-positioned to achieve carbon neutrality goals and establish itself as a sustainability leader.

Cut Energy Costs

Stop letting high energy costs drain your budget. We’ll pair a cost-effective on-site solar array with energy storage (while moving energy investments off your balance sheet!) so your school can eliminate fluctuating energy demands, lower its utility bill and lock in predictable monthly energy costs for years.

Long-Term Support

From financing to design to proactive operations and maintenance over the life of your system, count on us for the seamless end-to-end support you need for the life of your system.


On-Site Solar


We’ll design a custom solar array that utilizes that unused rooftop space and maximizes solar generation.

Ground Mount

We’ll design a ground mount system strategically positioned on available land for peak solar production and greater scalability as your campus energy needs grow.

Solar Carports and Canopies

Solar canopies over your parking lots provide the sustainability your campus needs. It also helps provide ample shade for vehicles and bus fleets on sunny days and protection from inclement weather.

Energy Storage

Get the most from your investment by efficiently managing surplus power from your solar arrays. We’ll design an energy storage solution that maximizes your solar investment and safeguards your budget from energy cost fluctuations.

Ready to shine with solar?

Going solar is easier than you think. Take the first step to achieving your business and sustainability goals.