Solar for Municipalities

Feeling the squeeze of rising energy costs? Onsite solar and storage provides your organization with immediate energy savings and long-term price predictability — while putting you one step closer to achieving sustainability goals.

Meet Sustainability Goals

We’ll design an on-site solar and storage solution that transitions your organization away from fossil fuels, aligns with climate action goals and provides a sustainable, forward-thinking approach to energy management.

Lower Energy Bills

Energy-intensive water purification systems are costly. A custom-designed solar + storage solution will charge during low-cost periods and discharge during peak times, helping your organization eliminate fluctuating energy demands and significantly reduce its energy bill.

Long-Term Support

From long-term financing to project design to ongoing operations and maintenance, you can count on our team to be the comprehensive, reliable long-term solar partner you can count on.


On-Site Solar


If you have a large rooftop space, we’ll design a custom solar array that utilizes unused space and maximizes energy generation.

Ground Mount

Solar panels strategically placed on your property allow you to generate peak solar production without impacting your buildings.

Solar Carports and Canopies

Solar canopies over your parking lots provide the sustainability and clean energy benefits you can expect from solar generation. It also helps provide your vehicle fleets, employees and guests with ample shade on sunny days and protection from inclement weather.

Energy Storage

Get the most from your investment by efficiently managing surplus power from your solar arrays. We’ll design an energy storage solution that maximizes your solar investment and safeguards your budget from energy cost fluctuations.

Ready to shine with solar?

Going solar is easier than you think. Take the first step to achieving your business and sustainability goals.