Empowering Businesses and Landowners with Community Solar

Transition to renewable energy and show commitment to your community’s future – without worrying about upfront investments or costs associated with owning and maintaining solar panels on your property.

The Benefits of Being a Community Solar Anchor Tenant

Community solar allows individuals, businesses and nonprofits to share in the benefits of solar power generation. Solar panels are mounted on a large rooftop or land leased from a property owner, with large power users – or anchor tenants – subscribing to energy produced by the project. Community members subscribe to share in energy cost savings provided by solar power generation.

Make an Impact

Anchor tenants expand access to solar to community members, helping them to save money on their utility bills while reducing their carbon footprint.

Save Money

Skip the upfront investments and costs associated with owning an off-site solar project. Utilities directly credit anchor tenants for energy supplied to the grid, resulting in savings on energy costs.

No Maintenance Required

As project developer, REC Solar will own, operate and maintain the off-site solar project. That means your organization can reap the benefits of solar without having panels on your property, making it a great fit for organizations without large rooftops or available land for on-site solar.


Leasing your land or rooftop provides additional income, brings solar to your community and helps to ensure property ownership for years to come.

Ready to shine with solar?

Going solar is easier than you think. Take the first step to achieving your business and sustainability goals.