Case Study

Montgomery County Public Safety Headquarters

“This ensures that our Public Safety Headquarters and Correctional Facility has continuity of critical services during power losses, reduces our carbon footprint, and saves our residents millions of dollars.”

Ike Leggett, Montgomery County Executive

The Scenario

Montgomery County was looking to further their Solar Initiative through using solar energy on their county facilities. The focus of the initiative includes lowering utility bills, stabilizing their utility grid for hot days when energy demands are high, and reducing the need for power plants.

The Solution

REC Solar and Schneider Electric partnered on this project to install microgrids at two sites, the Public Safety Headquarters and the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. These two microgrids will work independently to generate clean power and reduce stress on the power grid during extreme weather situations. The Public Safety Headquarters microgrid became the first Maryland project to receive the Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal (PEER) certification.



Montgomery County, Maryland


Gaithersburg, Maryland

Project Type

Carport solar and microgrid

Project Size

2.5 MW DC

Annual Production

11,400 MWh

Energy Offset

Enough electricity to power 1,272 homes for one year