Case Study

Pleasanton Unified School District

“As cutting emissions is crucial to our global future, our project to install solar generation plus battery storage delivers on that goal in many ways. Our students gain real-world learning from solar generation tools and data analysis they can experience from our cooler, shaded parking lots.”  

David Haglund Ed.D., PUSD Superintendent 

The Scenario

Nestled in the East Bay Hills near San Francisco, Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD) serves nearly 15,000 students in 15 elementary, middle, and high schools. In 2016, PUSD devised an extensive energy reduction and cost savings program, fully leveraging the California Energy Commission Prop 39 grants. The project would also expand renewables generation and learning opportunities for students. 

The Solution

With no upfront cost to the District, Amador Valley High School gained new solar carport canopies, providing shade for students and staff, plus a battery energy storage system. Energy storage creates an additional hedge against electricity price increases, particularly under time-of-use rates. The combined clean energy project is projected to save PUSD more than $2.2 million over the 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). 



Pleasanton, California

Project Type

Carport solar and battery energy storage

Project Size

1 MW DC + 660 kWh storage capacity

Estimated Annual Production

1,600,000 kWh


Offsets 97% of its electricity use