Case Study

Taylor Farms

Taylor Farms case study

“Taylor Farms is a leader in the agriculture industry, and now in sustainability, because we know it’s the right thing to do. Not only are we taking care of the environment but we’re also providing ourselves with reliable and cost-effective energy sources.”

Nicole Flewell, Taylor Farms Director of Sustainability

The Scenario

Taylor Farms is dedicated to being North America’s favorite maker of salads and healthy fresh foods. They focus on innovation by consistently developing new products and improving production methods. With 12 operating companies and distribution facilities throughout North America, the company has a significant focus on offsetting energy usage and costs.

The Solution

REC Solar installed four major solar projects at Taylor Farms facilities. At the time of project completion, the company’s rooftop system in Dallas, Texas, represented one of the largest privately-owned solar systems in the state.



Multiple sites in California and Texas

Project Type

Rooftop solar

Project Size

4.2 MW DC total

Estimated Annual Production

5,880,000 mWh


Solar offsets 10-25% of energy needs across each facility