Case Study

Anaheim Transportation Network

The Scenario
Serving over nine million residents, visitors, and resort employees annually, the Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) connects local destinations such as employment hubs, theme parks, sports venues, neighborhoods, shopping centers, and the ARTIC regional transportation center.

Over 20 years ago, ATN set out on an ambitious sustainability journey to electrify its bus fleet. This goal was driven by ATN’s desire to improve the region’s air quality, address congestion, and assist with job growth in the region. To boost the sustainability of its EV charging plans, ATN wanted to work with a solar provider they could trust to design a solar solution that would help to maximize EV savings and provide the site with renewable energy.

The Solution

In April 2024, ATN opened its solar-powered EV charging hub that provides charging for ATN’s fleet of 80 battery electric buses.

REC Solar designed and coordinated the installation of a 514 kW solar canopy covering the charging area, providing 25% of ATN’s total expected energy consumption. To provide the site with renewable energy, the solar canopy supplies power when the sun is shining and integrates seamlessly into the microgrid system. 

REC Solar will continue to own, operate and maintain the solar canopy for a fixed rate over the life of a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA). This PPA brings predictability to ATN’s budget, reduces exposure to high rates and maximizes EV savings.  The combination solar canopy and overhead electric charging solution will generate energy to drive 1.2 million ATN bus miles annually. Overall, ATN estimates the solar-powered EV charging facility will help to save $4.8 million in fuel over 20 years as compared to liquid natural gas or compressed natural gas.



Anaheim, California

Project Type

Solar Carport

Project Size

514 kW


Solar canopy provides 25% of ATN's total expected energy consumption